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Idilia Consulting is a management consulting firm that helps public and private organisations, ranging from technology start-ups till blue chip multinationals, obtain sustainable competitive advantage through innovation. Our team of professionals has a track record of obtaining results. We improve performance and create value by driving productivity and profitable growth. Our hands-on experience in a broad range of industries and functional areas enables us to solve complex problems and look across organisational borders to put the customer first.

We firmly believe that innovation, which is creating original marketing concepts, launching novel products, implementing new production processes or introducing fresh organisational approaches, supported by the application of knowledge and technology is the main source of long term wealth creation for organisations, and, in the end, for society as a whole.

We offer our clients cost effective services by supplying resources and providing leadership, while building on their capabilities to prepare for future challenges, to:

  • Develop and implement inspiring and actionable competitive strategies;
  • Create value through innovation by driving productivity and profitable growth;
  • Transform organisations into top performers, fit for future challenges.

Idilia Consulting helps organisations construct a shared vision and align objectives, generate ideas that create value for shareholders and customers, define and direct project portfolios that assure the achievement of strategic goals, build teams that deliver results and excel in satisfying customer needs, lead transformation into a high performing organisation and spearhead change towards a corporate culture that foments innovation.

We invite you to contact us if you need further information about us, our services or want to share ideas.

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