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Competitive Advantage through Innovation


Idilia Consulting is a management consulting firm whose mission is to help public organisations and private companies, ranging from technology start-ups till blue chip multinationals, obtain sustainable competitive advantage through innovation.

Innovation is a key strategic process that comprises creating novel ideas and concepts, developing new and improved products, re-engineering production processes and redesigning business processes (models), supported by acquiring, sharing and applying knowledge and technology. The (multidisciplinary) activities involve any functional department that is key to the value chain.

Our approach is based on the view that defining, planning and executing strategies is an innovation process, in which all activities to improve performance, create value and build capabilities should be integrated.

This view is inspired by the success of companies that adopted the concept of design thinking, which is a multidisciplinary results-oriented innovation process that puts clients first.

Our team has a track record of obtaining results, and our professionals have hands-on experience in a broad range of industries and functional areas, which enables them to look across organisational borders, and solve complex problems.


Our Approach

We offer cost effective services by supplying resources and providing leadership, while building on capabilities to prepare for future challenges, being:

Develop and implement inspiring and actionable competitive strategies
Create value through innovation by driving productivity and profitable growth
Transform organisations into top performers, fit for future challenges
All-in-one cost effective service in 100 days, in alliance with strategic partners
Workshops, Courses and Conferences on several subjects

Our external focus enables us to easily gain insight, identify trends and incorporate concepts like open innovation or lateral marketing. The multidisciplinary and multilayered approach, the use of best practice methods and the utilisation of simple and effective tools , enables us to reach and involve a wide range of people (workers, suppliers, clients, etc.).

This creates the sense of urgency and momentum necessary to efficiently execute strategy and achieve strategic goals and objectives fast. Meanwhile, we train people on the job to build on their skills and capabilities to analyse competitive environments, manage projects, build teams or improve communication, and initiate the change towards more participative leadership styles and corporate cultures that foment innovation and growth.

We invite you to contact us if you need further information about us, our services or want to share ideas.

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