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Competitive Advantage through Innovation


Idilia Consulting is a management consulting firm whose mission is to help organisations obtain sustainable competitive advantage through innovation. The purpose of innovation is to create value by improving productivity and seizing opportunities that stimulate demand and drive profitable growth.

Our definition of innovation is broad: the development and implementation of novelties in specific environments with the objective to generate benefits.

The innovation process is a key strategic process that comprises four core (multidisciplinary) activities, and a fifth supporting one, involving any functional department that is key to the value chain:

  1. Creating novel ideas and concepts;
  2. Developing new and improved products;
  3. Re-engineering production processes;
  4. Redesigning business processes (models);
  5. Managing knowledge and technology.

Organisations need adequate leadership to control the innovation process to assure the achievement of their strategic goals. This includes, according to our beliefs, the process of developing and implementing strategies.

The necessary leadership skills include generating ideas to start-up new projects defining, planning and executing projects, building high performing project teams, prioritising resources to optimise the output of project portfolios till changing the corporate culture to foment innovation.

We offer cost effective services to our clients to provide leadership in developing and implementing actionable and inspiring strategies to create value and improve performance, and deliver results fast. Meanwhile, we build on their capabilities to prepare for future challenges, and help them resolve topics specific to the areas of strategy and innovation, like:

  • Learning about the latest insight, success stories and best practices in the area of innovation, and related areas like strategy, marketing or growth.
  • Analysing the (competitive) environment, key to defining, planning, organising, controlling and executing strategic or innovation projects;
  • Estimating the benefits of strategic and innovation projects, and how they contribute to delivering the strategic goals and objectives;
  • Carrying out a health check on strategy and innovation processes and make a comparison with top performers to identify future needs;
  • Defining the competences that need to be developed, deficiencies to be repaired and obstacles to be overcome, to conquer new markets and be competitive in the future.
  • Addressing specific issues on managing knowledge and technology, including consumer insight, trends and intellectual property.
We invite you to contact us if you need further information about us, innovation or our services.
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