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Idilia Consulting is a management consulting firm that helps its clients develop and implement inspiring, actionable and competitive strategies to improve performance and create value by driving productivity and profitable growth.

We offer a variety of cost effective services to public and private organisations, ranging from technology start-ups till blue chip consumer oriented multinationals. We supply them with resources and provide them with leadership to obtain results fast, while building on their capabilities to prepare for future challenges.

We passionately defend our beliefs, among which the conviction that innovation is the mayor way to generate wealth. Our mission is to help our clients obtain sustainable competitive advantage through innovation. We put the customer first; are committed to deliver results and encourage corporate values and corporate cultures that foment innovation and growth..

Our approach is based on the view that developing and implementing strategies itself is an innovation process, in which the organization’s innovation activities should be integrated. Our method is a multidisciplinary results-oriented innovation process that puts the end-user first, which enables us to chose the most effective strategy, execute them efficiently, and deliver results fast.

Our expertise covers a wide range of industries, from high tech and pharmaceuticals till consumer goods and retail, which enables us to cross fertilise good practices from one industry to the other. Our key competences include Strategy, Leadership, Growth, Innovation, Transformation, Organisation, Operations, and Marketing & Sales.

Our team represents many years of practical and hands-on experience in various industries and disciplines. Our professionals are complemented with resources from several strategic alliances to assure core competences and the capacity to successfully finalise projects with the required quality. Our comprehensive pool of external consultants allows us to address any challenge to reach strategic goals.

We share our latest ideas and news in novelties, and invite you to contact us if you need further information about our services or want to share your ideas with us.

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